Ariah Rastegar | Build Something Of Valuable

Ariah Rastegar says the best financial advice he ever got was that money is not what he thinks it is. He is a real estate entrepreneur and the founder of Rastegar Rastegar Equity partners a Dallas-based commercial real estate investment firm.

Money, Ariah Rastegar say, is nothing more than a tool, and understanding that it is only a tool has made all the difference in his professional life. “Money isn’t a thing on its own that people should strive for,” he explained. “They should strive to do something and build something that has so much value that money is a byproduct. And early in my career I was wanting to make money, and make money – and I was thinking about money. How I could do this, how could I do that? But as I grew a little bit older I realized that, you know what? I need to find a problem that I can fix. And if I can add value to that person, to our clients, to our customers, then the byproduct of that would be compensated for fixing something.”

Build business by ariah rastegar

Now, as a business person,  seek to add value – to these people, to a solution and then money is produced. Versus just trying to make money. That realization was a major paradigm shift for me, and it also, incidentally, dramatically increased my income-producing capability.”


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