Money Is a Tool

Ariah Rastegar is an attorney and a successful real estate entrepreneur who is making his mark in the Commercial Real Estate business.  Ariah Rastegar worked for a leading private equity group in New York for several years before returning to his native Texas in 2015, and forming Rastegar Equity Partners.
Most people, he believes, look at money in the wrong way. “Money is a tool,” he says. “Money is a utility used to actually effectuate something, right? And more importantly than anything, it is a tool that requires expertise. You need to have a certain amount of skillset to handle money.”
money utilization tips by ariah rastegar
Most people want to have financial independence, but to reach that goal you have to take control of your money. Taking control of your money means controlling both the money coming in, and the money going out. We all need to know how to manage the money that we have so that it works for us.
“It’s like the pilot of a plane,” Ariah Rastegar explains. “You have to go to classes – you have to understand this instrument that you’re inside of, and have licenses, and understand all of the risk factors that are associated with it. Until you learn those dynamics, you’re not equipped to deal with that instrument or that tool. And money’s no different. It has rules. It has behaviors, it has risks, it has benefits. It can get you to a place, or it can crash you into the mountain. But you have to know how to be able to deal with it.”



Ariah Rastegar | Build Something Of Valuable

Ariah Rastegar says the best financial advice he ever got was that money is not what he thinks it is. He is a real estate entrepreneur and the founder of Rastegar Rastegar Equity partners a Dallas-based commercial real estate investment firm.

Money, Ariah Rastegar say, is nothing more than a tool, and understanding that it is only a tool has made all the difference in his professional life. “Money isn’t a thing on its own that people should strive for,” he explained. “They should strive to do something and build something that has so much value that money is a byproduct. And early in my career I was wanting to make money, and make money – and I was thinking about money. How I could do this, how could I do that? But as I grew a little bit older I realized that, you know what? I need to find a problem that I can fix. And if I can add value to that person, to our clients, to our customers, then the byproduct of that would be compensated for fixing something.”

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Now, as a business person,  seek to add value – to these people, to a solution and then money is produced. Versus just trying to make money. That realization was a major paradigm shift for me, and it also, incidentally, dramatically increased my income-producing capability.”


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