Ariah Rastegar – Top Thirty-Something Money Issues

Ariah Rastegar founder of Rastegar Equity Partners, a private investment firm based in Dallas, Texas. If you’re considering working with a company like Ariah Rastegar’s, you might learn that your finances are being held back by common money issues. For example, people in their thirties are often creating problems like those below:

Combining Finances – In the thirties, many combine finances with their spouses, giving up monetary independence. If that relationship then comes to an end, you will be far less secure financially than you would otherwise have been. If the relationship does not come to an end, you will be more secure, in general, so it’s a win-win to keep your finances separate.

money issues by ariah rastegar

If you’re making this mistake, have a money talk with your spouse and discuss how having separate finances could benefit your relationship.

Delaying Insurance – When you’re in your thirties and in good health, you’re in the best possible position to buy life insurance. You’ll receive low rates that you can lock in for decades, which will guarantee a safety net for your loved ones. The same advice can be applied to disability insurance.

If you’re making this mistake, fix it by starting your search for life insurance and disability insurance today.

Before a professional like Ariah Rastegar can help you advance your wealth through investing, you’ll likely have to resolve, or plan to resolve, issues like those above. Everyone starts somewhere, though, and you will gain nothing by putting it off any longer.