Ariah Rastegar – How to Think Like a Millennial Millionaire

Ariah Rastegar is a young, successful Texas businessman who can already be compared to some of the most powerful names in finance and real estate. Though already prominent, his brand is only in its beginning phases, and his sights are set on the horizon of unquestionable success.

Some assume that such success is luck, or perhaps thanks to the person’s family, but professionals like Ariah Rastegar often start from the ground up, with little to their name. If you’re a millennial with dreams of wealth and success, the first step is to start thinking like a millionaire. The way you think lays the foundation for the rest of your life.

happy businessman with heap of money in office

Mindsets focusing on subjects like the two below might be ideal starting points:

Simplicity – All things in life do not have to be complicated. Think simply and remember that you can typically start all things from a basic foundation. For example, young entrepreneurs can find a wealth of valuable information from business blogs; likewise, aspiring professionals can create respected online presences through websites such as LinkedIn.

Frugality – If you would like to build an empire of any sort, chances are that you will succeed faster with more funds. Keep this in mind every time that you spend money. This will help you identify areas where you can be more frugal, and then you can capitalize on your savings.

Don’t expect to think like a millionaire for a month and then become as successful as executives like Ariah Rastegar. Instead, look for changes that will allow you to learn and to do what you need to get to where you want to be.